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The Presidential Vortex from Hell

It’s been a four weeks (feels like one very long year) since Trump assumed the Presidency of the United States. In that short period of time we’ve seen him run through a flurry of activity meant to “shock & awe” America with his drive to get things done but in reality, it’s been a laughable shitshow from day one.

I could spend hours listing his many accomplishments but I’d be fabricating them all, plus, he’s got paid spokespeople who have already sold their souls and credibility for a White House resume plug and I’m sure he wouldn’t even give me a reach around.

So on this 4th weekend of Trumpiness, I present to you some Political Cartoons that sort of “Capture the moment….”

China, Mexico, Australia, Iran, 7 Muslim countries, the list is growing. Which do you think will be the next country Donald Trump have pr…

My answer to China, Mexico, Australia, Iran, 7 Muslim countries, the list is growing. Which do you think will be th…

Answer by SRW:

That’s a very tough question simply because Trump has antagonized so many.

Obviously he’s ticked off Mexico with his demands they pay for a wall and his threat of sending in his troops to deal with “bad hombres”. But to be honest, I think that’s just Tump being… well… Trump. A loudmouthed, belligerent neophyte. Mexico and the USA need each other economically and Trump will come to his senses in time or he’ll be politically neutered before he can do any real irreparable harm.

(Border between Left – San Diego, USA / Right – Tijuana, Mexico)

The 7 countries he’s banned people from, in my opinion are, as nations, not a real problem (with one exception discussed next). Their populations however could become even more anti-American (if that’s even possible). Don’t forget, the whole MENA (Middle East & North Africa) region is in disarray right now. They’re either in the midst of various civil wars, or armed insurrections by Medieval Islamic & Apocalyptical cultists.

(Dark blue – Commonly Accepted MENA Nations / Light blue – Sometimes accepted)

So the nations themselves aren’t the issue here the people are. I believe that we’ll see increased attacks against Western interests and people in Europe mostly but there will be increased numbers of attempts in the USA itself. For sure you can expect Trump’s overseas businesses to be squarely in the crosshairs of the Jihadists.

Iran. His warmongering there has the potential to seriously mess up the delicate balance of peace in the region as a whole, especially with Nutin-Yahoo thrashing around like a kid on a serious sugar high. Iran was to a large part a contained threat. They were angling to become the next regional superpower and are squaring off directly against the Saudis. It’s a religious thing that goes back to the birth of Islam. Shia vs. Sunni. The problem is that Iran was just beginning to show some small signs of wanting to moderate a bit. If they’d been left alone and slowly allowed to rejoin the world community then things would’ve quite possibly been a lot calmer but now with Trump in office, it’s a crap shoot.

(Iranian President Rouhani & Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu)

Israel wants Iran nuked or at least bombed back to the pre-industrial age, they don’t like Israel for a host of their own reasons (shared by about 1 Billion other people) and with Herr Trump in his corner, Bibi is in a position to launch a few airstrikes. Don’t forget, he’s been claiming that Iran would have the BOMB within a year, something he’s been repeating that for 20+ years so he’s really, really, really itching to go bomb something.

The one that scares me the most though is China. Another Superpower in every way except name. They’re the largest or 2nd largest economy in the world. They have the largest military (2.3Million vs. 1.5Million in USA) in the world, armed with sophisticated weapons and more importantly, they are more than willing and politically able to lose a few hundred thousand troops while the USA is not.

Furthermore, China ha always required a “soft but firm touch”. Soft in that they are very sensitive in terms of maintaining “face” and being respected globally so they won’t respond well to Trump’s John Wayne impression. Firm in that they aren’t fools and will gladly exploit any weakness they see in a weak political leader or a weak strategic posture in order to further their aims.

This is a country that really does believe they are the rightful rulers of everything that touches the Pacific and they have been hell bent on achieving that goal. China’s ongoing encroachment into the South China Sea, their loathing of Taiwanese independence, their growing control over the region’s economies and their forays into the global economic system as a viable alternative to the $USD as a global benchmark are all threats the USA can’t ignore. For years they known that there were not a global power but now that they are, they are becoming increasingly demanding of global respect and fear.

Trump and his circus of flying monkeys he calls advisors are sure to further antagonize China. He’s already done it with a phone call to the Taiwanese President before he was even in office. He’s done it again by claiming China is effectively “raping” the USA economically. Eventually he will cross a line that he doesn’t see because he’s so obtuse and that could spark a very serious escalation of ill will between the nations. I don’t think there would be all out war but I can easily see some minor skirmishes between their navy an the US, especially in places like the Spratly Islands.

Anyways, that’s my take on where things may be headed in terms of “flash points” Trump and team USA might want to keep their eyes on.

China, Mexico, Australia, Iran, 7 Muslim countries, the list is growing. Which do you think will be the next country Donald Trump have pr…

Do you support Donald Trump’s cabinet picks?

My answer to Do you support Donald Trump’s cabinet picks?

Answer by SRW:

I’m a Canadian which means my opinion in this matter is of no consequence (phew…) but I can give you a short answer/opinion.

NO ! No way, no how, absolutely, positively, emphatically NO !!

Now dear reader, you may be asking “But Sean, you just don’t know, they might turn out to be highly effective heads of major departments of the US Federal Government”. At this point I crack up completely, I can’t keep a straight face and my neighbors become convinced that I’ve finally turned that last bend towards lunacy.

You see, his picks hav been made based on some kinda of random, spur of the moment, magic 8 Ball methodology that “The Donald” seems to prefer. He has picked Cabinet Nominees who loathe the very things their departments are meant to care about. An Education Secretary who thinks paid Private Schools should flourish while letting the Public School system wither? An EPA Secretary that is currently suing the very department he would be heading up? A HUD Secretary who started life in the projects but is convinced that poor people remain poor by choice? He’s even considered Sarah Palin for a Cabinet position!

What happened to “draining the swamp”? He’s just filling the swamp with sponges & leeches that will drag their country back into some kinda of dystopian fascist version of Leave it to Beaver and at the same time will suck their country dry of money, of any meaningful strides towards improving the environment, of the respect of peers across the globe and most sadly, of any hope the average American has for a decent future.

I sincerely hope I’m proven wrong, for your sake and for mine. I don’t want to see America regress into an NRA/KKK/TeaParty/YeeHaw/Racist/DemocracySpoutingDictatorship and I don’t want to see 270 Million of you trying to sneak into Canada where we (naturally) would feel obliged to give you free healthcare, a hot meal and a warm bed.

Do you support Donald Trump’s cabinet picks?

Donald Trump is going to snap very soon, and here is how I know

An interesting take on Trump and read the rejoinder at the end too!

Infinite Coincidence


I believe that rather than smashing our own glass houses to pieces in the act of destroying Donald Trump’s Presidency, we need to be aware of our own inner Trump, to reflect on our own tendencies to think and behave in catastrophically immature, venal and insecure ways. I therefore offer up this short account of my own personal emotional development, and then explain why I think it helps explain why Trump is heading for a breakdown very, very soon.

I used to suffer from a quite disabling insecurity, particularly when it came to things like being creative and forming relationships with other people. I got better, partly by virtue of living in and studying Portugal, learning about its people’s tendency to swing between moments of self-aggrandisement and self-abnegation, from ‘we are great’ to ‘we are nothing’. I also learnt about my own habit of projecting my own feelings onto…

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